Print on Demand Mastery is not a designing Course, I provide plenty of resources for Designs but is not the purpose of this Course.

Our Course has seven sections covering everything you need to know to have successful Print on Demand Business.

A Bonus Section with a Course on how to do Amazon Custom is included at no extra cost. 

A Full Bonus Section with resources to run your Print on Demand Business. 

The Course Includes Over 50 Video Lessons covering a wide variety of Topics, Plus over 20 Interviews with Top Players in the Industry and Social Media Experts as well as over 20 Videos with supporting information. 

The Course is written and taught from a business perspective, is all about the right Mindset and Drive to get the desired results.  

Free Facebook Group with a minimum of 1 Live Session a Week to Cover the Material on the Course. 

The course is $497 but for a limited time you can have full access for  $247 to celebrate the relaunch on Thinktific. 

Praise for this course:

5 star rating

It shows the ins and outs of the POD industry!

Miriam Morcos

This course is above and beyond! It shows the ins and outs of the POD industry and helps anyone who is serious about starting a POD business or already has o...

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This course is above and beyond! It shows the ins and outs of the POD industry and helps anyone who is serious about starting a POD business or already has one to organize their thoughts and make an informed plan. I found myself referring to it before listing my designs on a new POD or starting a niche specific Facebook page and much more. Fernando has put everything he knows about the POD industry (which is a LOT) and he didn’t stop there, but added those invaluable interviews with some of the leading people in areas that any one with a POD business has to deal with. Thank you Fernando for this truly unique course! I absolutely love it!

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5 star rating

Best Bang For the Buck!

Holly Helder

This is the course that keeps on giving. There is so much content that it could easily be broken up into 5 separate courses and Fernando keeps adding more. N...

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This is the course that keeps on giving. There is so much content that it could easily be broken up into 5 separate courses and Fernando keeps adding more. No Print on Demand questions are left unanswered, whether it has to do with design, keywords, selling platforms, strategies, even mindset, and the contributors are all experts in their own right. You don't need to look anywhere else if you want to bring in a healthy income stream doing Print on Demand, it's a one-stop shop. It even comes with a very active FaceBook group for networking and continuing education, as well as ongoing interviews with the movers and shakers in the field. It's crazy affordable for what you get!

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About the instructor

Entrepreneur - Online Seller - Print on Demand Expert - Amazon Seller

Fernando Sustaita

I have a great knowledge on Contract Management but my passion was always E-Commerce since 1998 when I began selling toys on Ebay.  In 2015 I decided it was time to do this full time again and I have been able to grow my yearly earnings to be far greater to the 6 figures I used to make on the Oil and Gas Industry working an 8 to 5.  Print on Demand was something that was never on my sight, I never thought I would be selling shirts but today I have presence on Shopify, Etsy,, Merch by Amazon, Ebay, Redbubble and a few other platforms. You can learn more about me on my Facebook group:

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    1. Introduction

    • WELCOME (Video)

    • Do you Have the Right Mindset? (Video)

    • Strengths and Weaknesses (Video)

  • 2

    2. Getting Started on Print on Demand

    • Are you Ready to get Started? (Video)

    • Mission Statement

    • What do I need to get Started?

    • Design Basics (Video)

    • How to use the Merch by Amazon Templates (Video)

    • Other Free Tutorials (Video)

    • Fonts and Design Elements (Part 1)

    • Fonts and Design Elements (Part 2) (Video)

    • Create or Join a Mastermind Group

  • 3

    3. Overview on Print on Demand

    • Where Should I Sell My Designs?

    • Types Of Print And Other Technicalities

    • Types of Print (Reference Videos)

  • 4

    4. Copyright and Trademarks

    • Why is Intellectual Property Important (Video)

    • Intellectual Property

    • Can I Work on this Idea?

  • 5

    5. What Should you Design?

    • Let's Talk About Research!! (Video)

    • Do some Research (Interview with Neil Lassen)

    • I have a design Idea will it Sell? (Video)

    • Using Reddit and Pinterest to find ideas (Video)

    • How to Use Wordart? (VIdeo)

    • Not Everything is Meant to be Sold on Shirts (Video)

    • Why Text Sells?

    • Find and Scale a Niche (Video)

    • Using Facebook Power Editor to Analyze my Niche Potential (Video)

    • Outsourcing My Designs

    • Bonus: Hiring on Upwork - Jewel Tolentino (Video)

  • 6

    6. Which Platform is the Best for Me?

    • Not All PODS are the Same

    • Merch by Amazon - Interview with Chris Green (Video)

    • Etsy (coming up soon)

    • Redbubble (Video)

    • Teepublic (Video)

    • GearBubble (Interview with Don Wilson)

    • Sunfrog (video)

    • Teespring (Video)

    • Other Print on Demand Platforms (Video)

    • Selling on with an Integration - Interview with Matt Edmonds (Video)

    • Why Shopify? (Video)

    • Shopify - Interview with Phil Kyprianou

    • More on Shopify - Interview with Chris Blair (Video)

  • 7

    7. How can my Products get Found?

    • Building an Online Influence (JP Sears Interview)

    • How Can my Products be Found?

    • Why Have a Social Media Presence?

    • Getting Found on the Internet - Interview with Chris Grant

    • Keywords

    • Keywords on Merch by Amazon - Interview with Lanelle Barber

    • Facebook Ads (Video)

    • Creating a Facebook Page

    • Facebook Pages - Interview with Rachel MIller

    • YouTube - Interview with Jewel Tolentino

    • You Tube Part 2

    • Instagram

    • Instagram - Interview with Austin Iuliano

    • Pinterest - Interview with Teresa Rose

    • Amazon Sponsored Products "AMS" (Video)

    • Selling Locally - Interview with Izabella Pintarich

    • Selling Locally - Interview with Mike Gual (NEW)

  • 8

    8. Other Topics

    • Hiring a Virtual Assistant "VA" - Interview with Brianna Moller Greene

    • Pricing your Products

    • Pricing your Merch by Amazon Products - Interview with Matt Cartlett

    • Hustle - Interview with Nate McCallister

    • Thank you and Whats Next?

  • 9

    9. Bonus 1 - Learn Amazon Custom

    • What is it and How Can I Apply?

    • How to Create a Listing?

    • GTIN Exemption and Brand Registry

    • How to Succeed on Amazon - Interview with Joy Espiritu Packard

    • Is There A Way To Have A Third Party Create Or Products? - Interview with Rachel Rofe

  • 10

    10. Bonus 2 - Resources

    • Groups to Follow on Facebook

    • Blogs to Follow

    • Podcasts and YouTube Channels

    • Other Free Resources and Recommended Books

  • 11

    11. Bonus 3 - Other Interviews and Webinars

    • How to use CraftBundles (Video)

    • Learning about Corel (Interview with Clay Barbera)

    • Outsourcing Designs Interview with Travis Renn (Video)

    • Webinar on Trademarks, Copycats and what not to do

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